Schoolism Live Workshop in Berlin

October 20, 2014

The 2-day Schoolism Live Workshop at Wooga studio in Berlin was better than expected, not only because you could meet such talented artists, but also for the wealth of information.

Kris Pearn created a storyboard giving life to a short scene by pitching it live. Daniel Arriaga showed his process of character design and Louis Gonzales detailed the process of gesture drawing in combination with a few drawing sessions and corrected a few of the pieces right there. It couldn't be better.

An incredible opportunity that makes you leave the place motivated and charged with energy to just create new stuff.

Here some pictures.

All the artists together, from left to right they are Kris Pearn, Louis Gonzales, Daniel Arriaga and Bobby Chiu:

Louis Gonzales, during the break showing some work he did for Ratatouille:

...and the final group shot:

Workshops in Berlin by Pixar artists

September 25, 2014

Hello folks, I'm glad to comment that on October 18-19 I'll be attending a series of workshops in Berlin presented by Schoolism and held by Pixar artists Louis Gonzales (gesture drawing), Daniel Arriaga (character design) and Kris Pearn (visual storytelling) from Sony Pictures Animation.

|||| Hola amigos, estoy feliz en comentarles que el 18 y 19 de octubre estaré asistiendo a una serie de workshops en Berlín presentados por Schoolism a cargo de los artistas de Pixar Louis Gonzales (dibujo gestual), Daniel Arriaga (diseño de personajes) y Kris Pearn (relato visual) de Sony Pictures Animation.

Paintover of Turkish Bath for the game Criminal Case, by Pretty Simple

August 25, 2014

Paintover and objects for a background of the Facebook game Criminal Case, by Pretty Simple.

|||| Pintura digital y objetos para un fondo del juego de Facebook Criminal Case, de Pretty Simple.

Synagogue for the game Criminal Case (Pretty Simple)

August 15, 2014

This is another paintover and the objects created for the for the Facebook game Criminal Case, by Pretty Simple.

|||| Esta es otra pintura digital y los objetos creados para el juego de Facebook, Criminal Case, de Pretty Simple.

Paintover for Swamp Voodoo Priestess Hut (Criminal Case)

August 1, 2014

This is a paintover I did for the game Criminal Case, by Pretty Simple.

|||| Esta es una pintura digital que hice para el juego Criminal Case, de Pretty Simple.

Los Músicos de Bremen - Salim Ediciones

March 26, 2014

I had the opportunity to work on the tale Town Musicians of Bremen published by Salim Ediciones. Here's some of the work I did.

|||| Tuve la oportunidad de trabajar en el cuento Los Músicos de Bremen, publicado por Salim Ediciones. Aquí hay parte del trabajo que hice.

Link: Salim Ediciones

Characters for an upcoming book

January 26, 2013

Some characters designs for an upcoming book...
|||| Algunos diseños de personajes para un futuro libro...

Other illustrations for Estación Mandioca

January 20, 2014

Here there are other illustrations I did for Estación Mandioca in 2013.
|||| Aquí hay otras ilustraciones que hice para Estación Mandioca en 2013.